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What is Well ageing?

Well Ageing is a new approach to the phenomenon of aging. We can define it as the feeling of satisfaction and acceptance of the physical and functional changes of the passage of time, while experiencing a connection with our body and a sense of purpose in life.

Who practices Well ageing and how?

Well aging, Happy Ageing or Pro ageing are synonymous with a new lifestyle for mature women. Active, educated women who practice sports and invest time in taking care of their appearance. Women who experience aging as a natural process and who take special care of their skin, without forgetting their diet and physical exercise.

Erasing wrinkles is no longer the purpose of using cosmetics after the age of 45. Women are seeking a more holistic approach, no longer trying, in vain, to make time stand still, but embracing the passage of time by promoting healthy aging.

Well aging and cosmetics

This change of mentality has been identified by the cosmetics industry, which has driven the development of the “Well aging” concept. This concept is intended to accompany the beauty of mature women through products adapted to the characteristics of their skin.

To this end, it is important to understand the biological mechanisms behind skin aging. With age, the skin undergoes, at the cellular and molecular level, transformations responsible for aging, such as slowing of cell regeneration, decreased water retention capacity and increased sensitivity. These phenomena lead to the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, dry and sensitive skin.

The skin of women who practice Well aging distinguishes itself from skin that does not age well in four aspects: Hydration, Firmness, Absence of wrinkles and Complexion radiance.

Do you want to practice Well aging through cosmetics?

The first step in any cosmetic ritual is cleansing. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin at least once a day, especially before going to sleep, to remove traces of makeup, dirt and impurities that your skin has generated or absorbed throughout the day. Use the cleanser that best suits you, by skin type, by mode of use, by sensoriality. The important thing is to cleanse the skin so that it can breathe and take better advantage of cosmetic treatments.

After cleansing and to enhance the effectiveness of subsequent treatments, use a toner or essence, based on AHA or BHA, which will also help to improve skin radiance.

At this stage of your life, you need products concentrated in active ingredients, use serums or boosters to improve those specific aspects of your skin that you want or need to work on, such as firmness, radiance, expression lines or blemishes.

The basis of any cosmetic treatment at any age regardless of skin type is hydration. A moisturized skin is a skin that practices well aging.

Therefore, we recommend that you apply moisturizing products during the day, whether in the form of a cream, gel cream or serum. As important as moisturizing is sun protection, apply products with a minimum of SPF 15.

In the evening, after cleansing, apply a NIGHT CREAM or a serum to take advantage of the time of day when the tissues are repaired and cosmetic treatments are more effective.

Follow these recommendations and join the Well Ageing movement!

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