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We all know the serious damage that tobacco causes to our health, however, very few of them stop to think that tobacco and skin cannot live together for too long. Surely, from now on, every time you have to choose, you will choose to be young.

Tobacco can not only be the cause of serious diseases such as cancer, asthma, etc., but our skin also suffers the consequences of smoking. Some of the consequences can be the appearance of premature wrinkles and skin that is duller than it should be for our age.

While it is true that the skin of our whole body is damaged by tobacco, this effect is much more visible on the face, since these effects are enhanced by the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Our skin pays the consequences.

Why are tobacco and leather an incompatible pair?

Although the initial association between smoking and wrinkles was described more than 150 years ago, a battery of more recent studies confirms it, especially with the increase in consumption that has occurred in recent years.

As a consequence of tobacco consumption, our skin becomes more dehydrated, acquiring a rough and much less supple appearance.

The wrinkles that appear as a result of smoking are much narrower and deeper, in addition to having well-defined contours. Without realizing it, with this habit, we can give ourselves 10 to 20 years more than we have.

Tobacco also produces an alteration in the arterial blood flow in the skin. This decreases and hinders the oxygenation and nutrition of the cutaneous connective tissue, of our own collagen and of our superficial and deep cells. All this oxygenation and nutrition deficit is the cause of a grayer and duller tone.

If you are interested in keeping your skin young, all these are enough reasons to encourage non-smokers to never become smokers, and for those who already have this habit, to reduce and eliminate it as soon as possible so that the light on our face is always on.

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