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The smell of the sea, the lapping of the waves, the long sunny days that end in dinners on the beach. The reunions, the new places… there is something about summer that makes it the most eagerly awaited season of the year.

However, this exposure to the sun, the sea and chlorine can also lead to increased wear and tear on our skin, resulting in redness, itching, irritation, lack of elasticity and radiance, as well as spots and fine lines. Therefore, during this time it will be essential to pay more attention to your beauty routine.

We give you the tips to take care of your skin this summer, as well as the essentials that can not miss in your toiletry bag to show off a beautiful, tanned and, above all, healthy skin.

Double cleaning

The double cleaning phenomenon is here to stay. Still don’t know what it consists of? This is a very popular habit in Korea, which consists of performing a facial cleansing in two phasesfirst, with a basic product oilyThe first one is a product that will help to remove make-up and remove traces of sunscreen and impurities and, secondly, with a base product that will help to remove make-up and remove traces of sunscreen and impurities. aqueousThe skin will be completely cleansed and ready to receive the next step of your summer beauty routine. Perform the double cleansing morning and night and notice how your skin is fresher, smoother and free of impurities.

Triple action melting cleanser This luxurious vegan facial cleansing balm with three textures and a warming effect effectively cleanses the skin and removes impurities and makeup.

Triple action mousse Revolutionary 3-in-1 formula with 97% natural ingredients: Cleanses, purifies and tones. This light-textured mousse gently but thoroughly cleanses and refreshes the skin.

2. Hydration: inside and out

Did you know that proper hydration is one of the biggest secrets to healthy and beautiful skin? The explanation is very simple, proper hydration makes the skin’s water levels balanced and the protective barrier stronger and more flexible. This translates into more nourished and better looking skin. Include it in your summer beauty routine!

With the arrival of heat and high temperatures, the skin can look duller, rougher and tighter. Drinking at least two liters of water in summer will help your skin to keep its radiance. In addition, consuming fruits, vegetables and foods rich in antioxidants, water and fiber will become your greatest allies.

But when we talk about hydration, we cannot forget about those products that provide that extra dose your skin needs to restore its balance and maintain an adequate level of hydration.

Our ultra moisturizing rejuvenating cream enriched with an exclusive biotechnological complex of Antarctic Glycoproteins has a great moisturizing power, promoting skin repair.

Whether your skin is combination or oily, our mattifying moisturizing cream gel will become the must-have of your summer routine because it provides a silky, natural and perfectly matte finish while keeping your skin hydrated.

And at night? During rest, the skin multiplies its capacity for self-regeneration. In this sense, our Recovery Night Cream restores the skin’s radiance to start the day with intensely hydrated, smooth and radiant skin.

One area we cannot forget is the eye contour, as this skin is up to 10 times thinner than other parts of the face, so it requires very specific care.

Our multi-active eye contour improves the tone, suppleness and evenness of the eye contour for a dazzling look.

3. Sun protection

The fact that it is MANDATORY (yes, in capital letters) to use sun protection all year round is already well established in our conscience. However, in summer, solar radiation is stronger, so the skin is more exposed and it is even more necessary to pay more attention to avoid negative effects.

Some of these effects are premature aging of skin cells, the appearance of blemishes, expression lines, the sensation of rougher and drier skin and even the appearance of various skin diseases.

Therefore, at Sesshin we always advise you to use a high-spectrum sunscreen that offers high protection against UVA and UVB radiation and has a sun protection factor of at least 30.

In addition, do not forget to reapply several times a day and avoid prolonged exposure or exposure during the middle of the day (from 12 to 16 h), when the rays are strongest.

Now, with these tips and must-have products that you can’t miss in your beauty routine this summer, you’re (almost) all set to enjoy the summer. May exciting things be in store for you!

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