Biphasic Triple Action Makeup Remover


Our bi-phase eye make-up remover removes all impurities and stubborn make-up while moisturizing, refreshing and caring for all skin types. This make-up remover is your ally against waterproof make-up, removing it in the blink of an eye while respecting the skin’s natural balance.

Effectively removes make-up from the face, eyes and eyelashes in a single sweep. The oil phase of this make-up remover eliminates make-up, sebum, dead cells and impurities that the skin accumulates during the day without leaving a greasy sensation, while the aqueous phase provides a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. With more than 87% natural ingredients, this make-up remover is respectful of all skin types, even the most sensitive.


The difference

Removes impurities and stubborn makeup while moisturizing, refreshing and caring for all skin types.

Dissolves even the most stubborn makeup.


Cornflower: Moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin.

Poloxamer: Mild surfactant on skin and eyes. Gentle and deep cleansing.

Isohexadecane: The texture of isohexadecane makes it an excellent solvent for removing traces of makeup. Leaves a non-greasy, light and silky feel.


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