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Our lives have changed a lot since the pandemic confined us, forced us to keep our distance and limited celebrations like Halloween. Halloween night is one of the most anticipated nights for everyone to dress up, hand out candy and tell scary stories. This Halloween 2020, we will have to be more careful when going out and getting together with friends and family, so we bring you some great tricks to enjoy this celebration at home in the most original way possible.

The first thing to consider when celebrating Halloween at home during the pandemic is the number of people you are inviting. It is important that you meet the criteria set by the health authorities and do not exceed the capacity indicated for each territory. If the weather is nice, we recommend that you celebrate outdoors. In any case, you have to make sure that the attendees keep their social distance from each other.


The next point to take into account is hygiene. To make sure your guests can’t stop putting on hydroalcoholic gel, we suggest that you remove the labels from the containers and paint Halloween motifs with a perm. It’s recommended that they take off their shoes and not everyone likes that, but if you give them some scary socks to wear around the house, they’ll love them for sure!


There is no Halloween party without games, but there are Halloween games without a party!

You don’t need to throw a big party to get the spookiest games going. There are activities that do not involve being around others. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A “beauty party” in which to share beauty products and do make-up for the attendees who do not come prepared. Don’t worry about removing this makeup, because Sesshin’s Triple Action Makeup Removeris foolproof and removes waterproof makeup in a single swipe. If your look is more subtle, you can opt for the Triple Action Mousse (for combination or oily skin) or the Triple Action Cleanser (if your skin is normal or dry). By the way, Sesshin is preparing a very special challenge that has to do with Halloween costumes so, if you want to participate, keep an eye on our RRSS.
  • Vote for the best mask (this way you make sure it is part of the outfit and no one will take it off). Youtube link to decorate masks:
  • Celebrate a terrifying bingo where instead of numbers, spiders, vampires, bleeding teeth or witches’ brooms are crossed out.
  • You can use pumpkins, old brooms, cushions or other elements to indicate which spaces should be left free (the more professional ones will make a scarecrow, but for that we would need another post).



Whatever we decide… We need to set the mood in the house!

Sometimes the simplest is the best, that’s why we bring you easy and different proposals. Who said pumpkins had to be emptied? You can also paint them to your liking as if they were Easter eggs. Here are some ideas that you will love!

Another option is to decorate your house by drawing faces with a permanent marker on white and orange helium balloons, you can also laugh a lot by changing the tone of voice. If you want to get the perfect lighting to achieve a Halloween atmosphere, we suggest adding red wax to your white candles.


And what do we eat? It looks to die for….

To celebrate Halloween at home during the pandemic, it is important to consider how we serve food. Even if there are only a few of us, it is best to provide tableware, food and individual drinks for the guests. And to surprise your guests, you can put rubber spiders inside the ice cubes or hollow out a pumpkin to use it as an ice cube tray or as a dip for hummus – whatever you like!

And what better dessert for Halloween than ghosts-banana and pumpkins-tangerine? The best way to enjoy the healthiest food!


We hope you found our tips on the best way to celebrate Halloween during the pandemic useful. Let us know if you have chosen one, several or all of them!



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