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We are in the middle of the coldest season of the year, from the meteorological point of view. It is important to know how to take care of your skin in winter!

From storm to storm… we will surely remember Filomena for a while… and if we add to that the little social activity we can do due to the social situation caused by COVID-19 (perimeter closures, limitation of meetings, confinements…), surely few things make you let go of the blanket and move from the couch… For although we do not need to have to “look pretty” every day, under no circumstances should we relax with the care of our skin, especially at this time of the year…

Why? Well, because in winter the cold promotes the contraction of capillary vessels, making the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to the dermis more difficult and causing our skin to look less luminous. And, on the other hand, because low temperatures also affect our skin barrier causing dehydration and accumulation of dead cells in the epidermis.

But don’t worry, because with a good daily moisturizing routine, this nightmare won’t become a reality. Among the most recommended products for this “winter routine” are moisturizing facial creams. A good example is Sesshin’s Ultra Moisturizing Rejuvenating Cream, which contains Betaine anhydrous as its main active ingredient.

What is Betaine anhydrous?

Let me explain… Betaine anhydrous is a natural product found in sugar beets and is separated as a product of sugar beet molasses. This substance provides great hydration to our skin as it is even capable of releasing previously absorbed water. This property helps our skin to remain smooth and soft.

In addition to its highly moisturizing power, this active ingredient is also used in cosmetics for its protective capacity as it helps to protect the skin from irritation and environmental stress (air particles, wind, lack of moisture…) leaving the skin feeling calmer.

I hope this blog will help you remember how important it is to continue taking care of our skin EVERY DAY, even if it’s winter and there’s a global pandemic.

Another cosmetic brand that you can consult for this type of treatment is Numee.

Let’s not give up feeling good in our own skin! It is very important to know how to take care of our skin in winter!



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