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In recent years, cosmetics purchasing has changed dramatically as shoppers now have easy access to information about the products they buy. For this reason, quality skin-friendly cosmetic brands with non-toxic, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients have gained the most popularity among buyers. Vegan cosmetics are undoubtedly our favorite and even more so if the ingredients are of natural origin. But to be honest, who wouldn’t like to buy all those benefits and quality but at a cheaper price? Well, for that we have Black Friday 2021!

During Black Friday 2021 many brands lower their prices in an incredible way, putting within our reach quality cosmetic products at very affordable prices and so our purchases this year can become a very good investment.

Vegan cosmetics black friday 2021

From Sesshin Cosmetics, we have consulted with our marketing team in order to give you 5 tips so you can make SMART SHOPPING and invest in quality cosmetics. This way you won’t fall into the trap of discounts this Black Friday 2021 and you won’t buy anything just because “it’s so cheap”. So take note to make sure you invest in the best way in your beauty wishlist.

At Sesshin Cosmetics we understand the concept of quality cosmetics as we elaborate our products with a high percentage of natural ingredients and fuse them with the latest technology in cosmetics to achieve clean beauty formulas. That is why as experts, we recommend that you buy wisely, informing yourself and do not get carried away by the trends that we often see on social networks. Here is a list of 5 tips for shopping smart this Black Friday 2021:

1. Don’t buy just for the big discounts

It is important that you define what you really need and what you are really interested in trying. Let’s be honest, we’ve all bought something we didn’t even want and maybe it wasn’t that interesting but “for that price” we decided to take it home. Avoid making this mistake and make a list of the products you DO use on a daily basis and what is really worth trying. This is the only way to make your purchase a real investment.

2. Seek professional advice

Most brands have digital channels to connect directly with their customers. You can take advantage of this communication to ask your doubts about a product you are interested in and find out if it is the most suitable for your skin. At Sesshin you can always contact us through any of our channels where we will offer you the advice you need.

3. Value for money on Black Friday 2021

Think about whether the quality of the ingredients of what you are looking for is really in accordance with its price. Evaluate its ingredients, its size and whether it can really be useful for your skin’s needs.

4. See what other buyers have to say

Although each person has a different skin type and needs, you can always find an opinion that is very similar to what you are looking for, plus you can find out about other points of the brand such as delivery time, overall quality of their products, customer service, etc.

5. Invest in cosmetic brands with transparency

In skin care, it is very important to know which are the components of each product to know if any of them can be harmful or irritating for our skin. Therefore, if brands do not speak clearly about their ingredients, it is worth investing in other brands that do speak clearly about their ingredients. At Sesshin Cosmetics we always strive for transparency in our product formulations.

What will Sesshin Cosmetics Black Friday 2021 be like?

From November 16th until November 29th we will have the biggest discounts in our history! 50% on all products on the web. We want you to get all our high quality products at the best price. Our cleansers, creams, serums as well as well ageing products will be available at lower prices during these dates, so don’t miss out on this limited offer!

Sesshin black friday sales

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