conscious beauty,<br>
transforming beauty.

We claim a new concept of beauty that fights against perfection and embraces what makes us unique.

We walk away and try to fight unattainable ideals
of beauty and we create effective products that reinforce natural beauty. The result? healthy, beautiful and authentic skin.

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We are brand Spain

Sesshin is manufactured by Cosmewax, a Spanish company that has been a leader in depilatory and cosmetic products for third parties for more than sixty years.

Sesshin is the result of our experience, knowledge and expertise over the years, combined with the latest market trends and the most effective and innovative formulas. We have two production plants equipped with the most advanced infrastructure that guarantees excellent products.

Cosmewax exports its products to more than 50 countries around the world. Our laboratory has a great team of professionals with a great potential in innovation and knowledge of the latest beauty trends.

Sesshin Manifesto

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