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What are silicones in cosmetics. Should we use them?

One of the most questioned ingredients in the cosmetic world is undoubtedly silicones, but are they really bad for skin or hair?

All you need to know about how to winter skin care

From a meteorological point of view, we’re right in the middle of the season. It is important to know how to winter skin care!

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Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween at home during the pandemic

Our lives have changed since the pandemic confined us but we’ve got some original tips and tricks that will help you enjoy Halloween at home.

Restore your skin after summer

Restore the radiance of your skin after summer and maintain the benefits you’ve acquired from the sun over the last few months.

How to care for dehydrated-oily skin

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time? Dehydrated-oily skin it’s perfectly possible.

Mindful Beauty, the beauty of the here and now

The concept of Mindful Beauty has been a topic of conversation for some time now among consumers and…

Microblading: How to care for your skin after the treatment

The face mirrors the soul, so the eyebrows have great significance for your face expressiveness and also serve…

7 must-have superfoods for your skin

Superfoods are a group of foods given a “superpower” because they’re a source of many nutrients, such as protein,…