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how to winter skin care

All you need to know about how to winter skin care

From a meteorological point of view, we’re right in the middle of the season. It is important to know how to winter skin care!

It’s just one storm after another, and we won’t forget Filomena in a hurry! Added to this, with the limited social activity we’re allowed to have due to COVID-19 (perimeter closures, limits on gathering, lockdown, etc.), I’m sure there are few reasons for you to stop hiding under your blanket and get off the sofa. Even if you don’t need to “look beautiful” every day, under no circumstances should you stop taking care of your skin, especially at this time of year.

But why? Well, because in winter the cold causes the capillaries to contract, making it more difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach the dermis, resulting in duller, less radiant skin. Also, because low temperatures affect your skin barrier, causing dehydration and dead cells to accumulate on the epidermis.

But fear not! With a good daily moisturizing routine, you can stop this nightmare from becoming a reality. The most recommended products for this ‘winter routine’ include moisturizing face creams. A great example is the Sesshin Ultra-Hydrating Rejuvenating Cream, which contains Betaine anhydrous as an active ingredient.

What is Betaine anhydrous?

Let me explain… Betaine anhydrous is naturally found in sugar beets and separated as a by-product of their molasses. This substance provides fantastic moisture to the skin, as it’s able to release previously absorbed water, a property that helps keep the skin soft and smooth.

As well as its powerful moisturizing action, this active ingredient is also used in cosmetics due to its protective capacity, as it helps protect the skin from irritation and environmental stress (particles in the air, wind, lack of moisture, etc.), leaving the skin feeling calmer.

I hope this blog helps remind you how important it is to keep caring for your skin EVERY DAY, even if it is winter and there is a global pandemic.

Other cosmetic brand you can check out to care your skin in winter is Numee.

Don’t give up on feeling great in your own skin! It is so important to know how to winter skin care!



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