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Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween at home during the pandemic

Our lives have changed a lot since the pandemic began and confined us to our homes, forcing us to practise social distancing and limit celebrations like Halloween. The night of Halloween is one of the most eagerly anticipated by people of all ages as it gives us the chance to get dressed up in disguises, give out sweets and tell scary stories. This year for Halloween we’ll need to be more careful when we head out and meet up with friends and family, for which reason we’ve got some original tips and tricks that will help you enjoy this celebration at home.

The first thing you need to consider when celebrating Halloween at home during the pandemic is the number of people you’re going to invite. It’s important that you observe the rules set out by the health authorities and you don’t go over the indicated number for your area. If the weather forecast is going to be good, we suggest you celebrate it outside. In any case, you need to ensure that your guests will observe social distancing guidelines.


The next thing you need to bear in mind is hygiene. To ensure your guests don’t forget to use hydroalcoholic gel, we suggest you remove the labels from the packaging and decorate them with Halloween designs in permanent marker. We recommend that guests take off their shoes when they enter your home but we know not everyone likes to do that. But they’ll love it if you gift them some terrifying socks they can wear around the house!


It’s not a Halloween party without some games but there can be Halloween games without the party!

You don’t need to organise a big party to enjoy some spine-tingling games. There are activities that don’t need you to be close to others. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A “beauty party” where you share beauty products and put makeup on guests who haven’t come prepared. Don’t worry about removing this makeup because Sesshin’s Three Action Make-up Remover is infallible and will remove waterproof makeup in just one wipe. If your look is more subtle, you can opt for our Three Action Foam (for mixed or oily skin) or the Three Action Melting Cleanser (if you have normal or dry skin). Of course, Sesshin is ready for a very special challenge related to Halloween costumes so if you want to take part, keep an eye on our social network profiles!
  • Vote for the best mask (that way you ensure it forms a part of people’s costumes and nobody will take theirs off). YouTube mask decorating link:
  • Play some terrifying bingo where you cross out spiders, vampires, bloody teeth and broomsticks instead of numbers.
  • A homemade movie session where guests are socially distanced. You can use pumpkins, old brooms, cushions or other items to indicate the spaces to be left free (those of you who are more professional can make scarecrows but we’d need another post for that).



Whatever you decide, you need to decorate the house!

Sometimes keeping things simple is best. That’s why we’ve provided a few easy yet different suggestions. Who said you have to carve pumpkins? You can also paint them however you like, just like Easter eggs. Here are a few ideas you’ll love!

Another option is to decorate your home by drawing faces in permanent marker on white and orange helium balloons. Not only that, but you can also have a lot of fun by changing your voice’s pitch. If you want to achieve the perfect lighting for a Halloween atmosphere, we suggest you add red wax to your white candles.


And what about food? It’s to die for…

To celebrate Halloween at home during the pandemic it’s important you consider how you’ll serve food. Even if there are only a few guests, the best option is to provide each person with individual plates, food and drinks. If you’re looking to surprise your diners, you can add plastic spiders to your ice cubes or carve a pumpkin and use it as an ice cube holder or hummus dip holder, whichever you prefer!

And are there better Halloween desserts than banana ghosts or tangerine pumpkins? They’re great ways to enjoy healthy food!


We hope you liked our ideas on how to celebrate Halloween during the pandemic. Let us know if you decided to use one, several or all of them!



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