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mindful beauty

Mindful Beauty, the beauty of the here and now

The concept of Mindful Beauty has been a topic of conversation for some time now among consumers and major cosmetic brands but, right in the middle of a global pandemic, explaining what it consists of seems more important to me than ever.

Mindful Beauty is a new twist on how Mindfulness can be your beauty ally both on the inside and out. It focuses mainly on disconnecting from your mental regurgitation and reconnecting with the world surrounding you and with who you really are. It shows you how to live the present moment, even when the present moment offers you something you don’t want to see or feel, that you don’t want to experience. It places the power of here and now at your fingertips, paying attention to this moment. Every moment. Each letter I write is the present moment and in thousandths of a second it’s in the past. It’s about understanding that life is about what is happening right now

All that exists in the present moment is the texture of this keyboard, the force with which I press each key, the sound of the sea I can hear while I work remotely, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the soft breeze blowing in through the window. The breeze that is caressing my hair now…now…now. While I write, nothing should distract me, but the latest news about infections comes to mind. The mind is capricious, it’s not that it functions badly, it’s how it works.

It fills your head with crazy ideas, memories, fantasies, worries…

There is one thing Mindful Beauty is aware of that few people know: you are not your mind. What your mind thinks about your beauty isn’t real. In fact, nothing you think about is real, but rather an interpretation based on your experiences, in a nutshell: it’s in the past.


Have you ever taken a moment to observe your thoughts? I’m not going to lie, listening to your thoughts can be hard at first, because your mind will be full of mental clutter.
For this reason I’m proposing an easy initiation challenge: stand in front of a mirror and listen a little to what is going through your mind.

I don’t want to give a spoiler about what I call “The awakening” but what’s going to happen is that you’ll look at the main features of your body and you’ll only focus on the parts you don’t like, dedicating 90% of your thoughts to those areas of course. Do you think these thoughts will be pleasant?

The mind generates around 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of them are repetitions and 80% are negative. Calculate how much mental clutter you generate and that, even worse, you repeat daily like a Buddhist mantra.

Pay a little attention to your mind throughout the day: what is your mental mantra? Start discovering what’s keeping you away from the present moment. From reality. From being yourself, just as you are.
Review from today onwards what your thoughts are and do something that’s very simple, but not easy. Observe. Don’t give in to your thoughts. Try not to think about anything, it’s impossible. We were sold the idea in the 90s that we could let our minds go blank, but that’s not how the mind works.

Mindfulness proposes just the opposite: observe your thoughts, understand them and let them go; don’t get sucked in to brooding over things and refocus on your breathing. Realise that it exists, stop observing it like a leaf being carried away by the breeze and stay present in what you are doing. If your mind distracts you, focus on your breathing, it’s always there to anchor you to the present moment. Feel how the air comes in and goes out naturally.



Something that many people are unaware of is that practising Mindful Beauty is not so much about meditating but rather an informal daily habit. That means engaging your senses in everything you do. Try when you’re having a shower: listen to the sound of the water, feel how it runs down your body, pick up the Sesshin Three Action Foam (for example…) and feel how you squeeze it onto your hands, you notice how cool and soft it feels on your cheeks… and smell it as though you were smelling it for the first time. If suddenly you start thinking about the meeting you have later, pay attention and immerse yourself in the perfume of the flower blossom from the Island of Jeju and breathe in. Don’t feel guilty and refocus. Be kind to yourself.

That’s the vision of Mindful Beauty: the mind of a novice to rediscover your senses. Smell as though you had never had a sense of smell, laugh and feel the muscles you’re using. How dry does your skin feel? What’s the texture of my moisturising cream as I’m applying it? Does it melt on my skin quickly? Pay attention now to the container, touch the jar: doesn’t it feel soft? (It’s called soft touch ), the wood of the lid is biodegradable. What country might it be from? Observe without judging.

Mindful Beauty means creating real sensations, eliminating automatism that stop you enjoying the here and now, the present moment—in a nutshell, your life.


With only 15 minutes of Mindful Beauty a day, you can turn your biological clock back seven years. Do you need to hear any more to be convinced? Well here it is: it soothes your mind, therefore reducing stress. It acts on the DNA and slows down ageing, improving the assimilation of nutrients of the products you apply on your skin and of those you ingest. In a nutshell, it makes you more beautiful on the outside and, furthermore, you will feel more beautiful and happier on the inside. We all know that the best beauty hack for radiant skin is being happy.




22 July, 202011:09 am

Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Sesshin Cosmetics
28 July, 20209:53 am

We are glad you like it. If you decide to practice mindful beauty, tell us about your experience 🙂

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