Brand Story

The challenges that are drawn in our way are fertile ground to cultivate wisdom, humility and appreciation through Sesshin. This zen meditation practice gives its name to this cosmetic range, where taking care of the skin becomes a moment of well-being, pampering and connecting with oneself.

Sesshin encourages all women to defend their particular beauty against the pressure of the perfect image. All this, while continuing to look ahead, overcome obstacles and enhance everything that makes us unique.

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Cherry flower from Jeju island

Jeju is considered the cleanest, purest and most beautiful island in South Korea. Legendary for its exuberant ecosystem, the island produces nutritious ingredients that have been sought for centuries due to their ability to heal and improve conditions.

From this paradise, Sesshin extracts cherry blossom— known for its high antioxidant levels and soothing properties and, therefore, especially indicated for sensitive skins.

Our experts

Our R+D+I team consists of 20 highly qualified technicians (pharmacists, 
chemists, chemical engineers) and with extensive experience in the cosmetics 
sector and in the development and production of skin care products.

We have two Research and Development laboratories, equipped with the 
latest advances in technology which ensures excellent products.

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Our Facilities

A leading company in the manufacture and marketing of cosmetics for third parties from 1960.

Sesshin is a brand based on Cosmewax’s “know-how”, latest market trends and the most innovative and effective formulas.

We have two production plants equipped with the most advanced infrastructure that guarantees the highest quality products and enables us to manufacture the widest range of cosmetics.

Our facilities and manufacturing processes have been certified by: